Friday, September 22, 2006

The Free Marketplace of Ideas; or The Third Persona (With Apologies to Phil Wander)

Aaaah, the beauty of archives.... From Atrios:

"Josh Marshall discovers that Republicans love to beat on outspoken black Democrats, particularly outspoken black female Democrats.

well, duhh.

Note to Josh(not that he is reading this, but hey): Whatever you thought of McKinney's actual comments, the real story of that whole affair was how the entire media industry was all too willing to pile hard onto an outspoken black female Democrat, and resort to misrepresenting (as you've come to realize) her comments in the process. I'm not accusing you of being motivated by this particular pathology, I just think you got played. Much ado about nothing. Red meat for the Freepers, and the liberal media aided and abetted.

Consider the rather muted response to Dick Armey's recent suggestion that Israel should forcibly relocate the Palestinians. Or the rather muted response to Jesse Helms' suggestion that Clinton "watch his back" if he comes to North Carolina military bases. Or the continued support by the liberal media for a series of investigations that were basically designed to accuse (if not always in so many words) Hillary Clinton of having Vince Foster killed.

Frankly, McKinney's actual comments were pretty benign compared to those gems.

So, next time an outspoken black Democrat has her words from a 3 week old interview on a radio station with a relatively small number of listeners blast-FAXed throughout the land and then subsequently twisted by the Washington Post, please resist the urge to pile on." (Atrios, Monday, May 20, 2002).


Blogger JG Hitzert said...

Over reaching with the ever increasing size of the excluded audience helped in the slaughter of the GOP in this past election. We now have a President-elect who understands that building the largest audience is, while more dificult, a much more durable means of victory.

10:08 AM  

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