Sunday, August 27, 2006


From Rusty Berkus:

"Full Circle"

"When I grow up
I'll read poetry in the New Yorker
and it'll be okay if I don't understand it.
I'll not be afraid to ask stupid questions
or challenge authority if I disagree.

When I grow up
I'll turn down a date on Saturday night
if it isn't meaningful.
I'll even stay home on New Year's eve
if I feel like being alone.

When I grow up
I might learn from listening
I might learn from criticism
I might even learn to have an "open mind."

When I grow up
I'll share all the feelings I've always
wanted to share.
I'll touch all those people I've always
wanted to touch.
I'll tell all the people I love
that I love them.

When I grow up
I'll go to the park and slide down slides
swing on swings
lie on the grass without a blanket
and make necklaces of buttercups.
I'll laugh at myself and giggle with others
scream and throw pillows when I'm angry
sing loudly and cry softly, cry loudly
and sing softly.

When I grow up
I'll forget time.
I'll write poetry on paper,
paint it on canvas or mold it with clay,
dance as if it were my last dance
and love as if it were my last chance to love

When I grow up
I'll never feel old again."

(Rusty Berkus, "Full Circle," Soulprints)


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