Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Be an honour to the church, follow Christ’s word, clear in thy task and careful in thy speech.

Be thine an open hand, a merry heart, Christ in thy mouth, life that all men may know a lover of righteousness and compassion.

Let none come to thee and go sad away. Hope of poor men, and solace to the sad, go thou before God’s people to God’s realm, that he who follows thee may come to the stars.

Sow living seeds, words that are quick with life, that faith may be the harvest in men’s hearts. In word and in example let thy light shine in the black dark like the morning star.

Let not the wealth of the world nor its dominion flatter thee into silence as to truth, nor king, nor judge, yea, nor thy dearest friend muzzle thy lips from righteousness.

Alcuin of York 735-804


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