Friday, March 10, 2006

Defenders of Western Civilization (Or Our Judeo-Christian Heritage)

When he is not being the racist fascist that he is, Andrew Sullivan is doing his part in spreading the HIV virus:

"Andrew Sullivan, the conservative gay pundit, who is HIV-positive, has been found anonymously soliciting unprotected anal sex on AOL and the Web (bareback is the online term of art -- AOL's censoring of cruder words has helped create a new class of euphemisms).


The Sullivan scandal is about hypocrisy (he's a famous scold, regularly railing against the Clinton sexual misadventures as well as all manner of gay promiscuity) or, depending on who's debating, the right to privacy (the Sullivan case was being linked last week with the Bush twins' drinking episodes).


Sullivan is the former New Republic editor, the current "TRB" columnist, and a frequent New York Times Magazine contributor


There doesn't seem to be much doubt that both Sullivan and Christy have done what they're being accused of doing -- it's an element of any good scandal that the culprit be caught dead to rights.

In each instance, there was a kind of sting operation. Other gay journalists contacted Sullivan through his Web personals to confirm his identity (Sullivan has subsequently admitted to most of the gory details)....


In Sullivan's case, he was exposed for something that he discusses freely. He cruises. He's proud of being well known in gay bars across Washington. Before you know it, when you're with him, he'll be talking about leather stuff. He's written, too, about unprotected sex between HIV-positive partners -- he's in favor of it and has a strenuous point of view about its relative safety. He's not keeping many secrets. Of course, his enemies argue that he's intellectually dishonest -- but that's different from being actually dishonest.

Still, the in flagrante delicto Web pages, which were enterprisingly saved and reposted by his detractors, are a fleshy corpus: "killer muscle ass that loves to milk loads with my power glutes." Not exactly gay pride, but strong porn-writing skills. With pictures too: a fabulously muscled, thick-necked headless torso -- which will make an ideal book cover when the story is told. (We may just be on the verge of understanding what an incredible kink-catcher the Web can be -- a Web page becomes the misdelivered letter in a Restoration comedy.)" (Michael Wolff, "Strange Bedfellows," New York Magazine, June 18, 2001).


Anonymous stevemd2 said...

some people are irrationally filled with hatred of anyone not like themselves.

what they say fits goebbles dictum - if you tell a lie often enough and outrageous enough, it will be seen as the truth.

He got hitler elected. These peopel are just hitlers clones.

11:18 PM  

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