Sunday, May 29, 2005

"Gavagai" (With Apologies to Willard Van Orman Quine

The always refreshing Leylop has a funny post on how some English movie titles were translated into Chinese. According to Leylop, "When English movie titles are translated into Chinese, some are following the pronunciation, some are pretty literal, and others are just ridiculous and don't make any sense at all, here are some titles from the last category":

* The Shawshank Redemption -- The Exciting 1995 ( ci ji 1995 )

* Jackie brown -- The Dangerous Relationship ( wei xian guan xi )

* The English Patient -- Don't Ask Who I Am (bie wen wo shi shei )

* As Good As It Gets -- Mr. Cats' Shit ( mao shi xian sheng )

* Out Of Sight -- The Expert Of Strategy (zhan lue gao shou )

* Charlie's Angels -- Lightning Cutie ( pi li tian shi )

* Me, Myself & Irene -- One Head That Is As Big As Two ( yi ge tou liang ge da )

* Fargo -- Moisturizing Lotion Murder ( xue hua gao li qi ming an )

* Gone with the Wind-- The Beauty in Trouble Times ( luan shi jia ren )

* What Women Want-- 100 Percent Man ( nan ren bai fen bai )

* Mission: Impossible-- Spy in Spy ( die zhong die )

* What's Eating Gilbert Grape -- Different Sky ( bu yi yang de tian kong )

* Thelma & Louise -- The Crazy Flower At The End Of The Road ( mo lu kuang hua )

* The Mexican-- The Dangerous Lovers ( wei xian qing ren )

* Erin Brockovich -- Never Give Up ( yong bu tuo xie )

* Legends of the Fall-- The Flaming Times ( ran qing sui yue )

* In the Bedroom-- The Incestuous Love ( luan lun zhi lian )

* Top Gun-- Lofty Ideal Above The Clouds ( zhuang zhi lin yun )

* Don Juan DeMarco -- This Guy Is Sexy ( zhe ge nan ren you dian se )

* The Big Lebowski-- Murdering the Green Toes ( mou sha lv jiao zhi )

(From Leylop's Blog,, posted 12/25/2002).


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